Shraddha Polymer is the supplier of PTFE moulded and machined products and corrosion resistant piping products for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water treatment and electronic industries.

PTFE Lined Instrument Tee


PTFE Lined Spacer & Blind Flange


PTFE High Pressure Bellow


PTFE-PFA-FEP Lined Integral Stem Ball Valve


PFA FEP Lined Flush Bottom Ball Valve


PFA FEP Lined Non Return Valve


PFA-FEP Lined Y Type Strainer


PFA FEP Lined Hose Nipple


PTFE Lined Dip Pipe


PTFE Lined Sparger


PTFE Lined Thermowell Baffle


SS304 PTFE Lined Flexible Hose


PTFE Solid Drop Pipe And Flow Divertor


PTFE Lined Header


PTFE Lined Stirrer

Products under development :
PTFE contour moulded bellow
PTFE / PFA lined ball valve 150NB
PTFE lined flush bottom valve for GLR